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Thank you for your interest in our communities, listed here are the items we will need to complete your application process. Please submit all required items with your completed application so that we can process the application in a timely and accurate manner:


Proof of Income

  • If Employed

    • Three (3) Months of current, consecutive pay-stubs that verify your income from your current place of employment. If you have more than one job, provide three months of pay-stubs from each job.

– or –

  • If you are paid in cash, please bring a current letter from your employer on company letterhead stating your wages and hours.


  • If Self-Employed

    • One (1) Year of current tax return or 1099

– or –

  • If newly self-employed, provide your current Profit and Loss Statement


  • Other Income

    • Current Social Security and/or SSI award letter and documentation

    • Current AFDC/TANF award letters (for cash aid and general relief)

    • Award letters/statements of unemployment benefits/disability payments

    • Award letters, statements and court order of any spousal/child support


  • Bank Statements

    • Three (3) Months current, consecutive bank statements showing balance information for checking and/or savings accounts, if applicable.



  • Current/valid government issued photo ID for all household members over 18

    • Expired photo identification cards will not be accepted.

    • The manager will verify your ID when you bring in your documents. If you are approved, your ID will be copied at the time of move-in.


Important Information

  • Please bring in originals, copies of all documentation will be made at our rental offices.

  • Please use Black or Blue ink when completing application(s) and complete all areas that apply to you.

  • All Application funds and move in funds must be in the form of a money order or cashier’s check only.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH


Pacific Village

Telephone (909) 834-0040 / Facsimile (909) 834-0041

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